Let Your Green-Eyed Monster Make You Insanely Successful


Guest post by Marcy McKay, award-winning copy-writer, novelist, short-story author and freelance journalist.

Every writer has experienced this emotion. When ‘it’ happens, your head explodes, rage swirls through you, while an imaginary fist pounds your gut.

When? Why?

It so happens that overnight, the internet has been buzzing with the latest literary whiz kid, who hit the New York Times Bestsellers List.

“It was my first try at a novel,” she chirps.

Your bitterness tastes like bile.  Rage and resentment flood your veins.  That poison you’re feeling is…


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275,000 Amazon Book Sales – After 14 Publishers Tell Her “It Won’t Sell.”

Jessica Park

Motivating Video For Writers From Author Jessica Park.  [2 mins] 

After hearing, “No, it won’t sell” 14 times from traditional publishers, Jessica Park began to feel “Maybe I’m not good enough…”  

Sound familiar?

So she decided to self-publish her book “Flat Out Love” on Amazon’s KDP. (Kindle Direct Publishing.)   In this brief video, Jessica reveals what happened next.  

Be inspired.

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Don’t Let the “Play-It-Safers” Talk You Out Of Your Writing Potential

skydive-headerHave you ever been afraid to “take the leap” and write because you’re assailed by doubt and uncertainty? Well, your Knight In Shining Armor has just arrived.

Today’s post is by Bryan Hutchinson, whose mission is to help fellow writers by inspiring them to put aside any uncertainties and be what they truly want to be –  practicing writers.

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The Secret Of How to Make Your Book

Jane Eyre 2011 MovieWant to know how to captivate readers so completely they’ll be buying your next book on Amazon within thirty seconds?

The answer to this question is the subject of today’s guest post by IPPY and NIEA Award-winning writer Katie Weiland.

Weiland Portrait

Weiland writes historical and speculative fiction from her home in western Nebraska.  

She also mentors other authors on her website Helping Writers Become Authors, which was was voted as one of the best online by Writer’s Digest in 2014.

It will be very interesting to hear your views on this subject.  Please do leave a comment at the end of the article.  

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10 Key Questions That Can Determine Your Success As A Writer

header-booksThere are many powerful ways to significantly improve your chances of building a large book readership.  

To help determine the likelihood of you succeeding, I’ve put together ten key questions for you to think about when starting a new writing project.   

Prepare to be “caught in the headlights” by these questions – they’re designed to expose the reality of being an author, but also to give a useful insight into your career pathway.  

In truth, this is not a definitive list, but I’ve found these particular questions to be helpful guidance in my own work.  Let me know in the comments which of these is relevant to you – I’d value the feedback.

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Growing Readership By “Lighting Up Your Writing”

CasablancaIn another life, nearly 20 years ago, I was fortunate to attend a sensational seminar, the famous Robert McKee 3 day “STORY BOOTCAMP”. 

In fact, sensational is an understatement.  My stand-out memory is McKee, wreathed in cigarette smoke, leaping about and ranting about how crucial it is to employ the power of ALL the human senses in writing, whether in movies or literature.

Fragrance, sound, touch, pain… the tang of salt air, roaring gales, the burning heat of fire, the chill of frost on window panes and so on.

But his most vivid example was from the 1942 movie “Casablanca”.

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On Writing And The Fear Of Being
True To Yourself

Brandon Flowers - The KillersAs a writer, you can almost always sense those moments when the “writing flame” is burning brightly, but sometimes the words still refuse to catch fire. 


It may be because you’re not being true to yourself – at the deepest level.  

Let me explain.

Recently I’ve been obsessing over a 2008 video, Human by The Killers, because it illuminates a truth that every artist, writer and musician needs to accept.

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Advice To Aspiring Writers By Published Author Kristine Wyllys


Today’s guest post is by Kristine Wyllys.  Her first book ‘Wild Ones’ is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, published by Carina Press, with it’s sequel, ‘Losing Streak’ following in September.

There’s no question that a little enthusiasm goes a long way, which is one of the reasons I’m running this guest post; Kristine overflows with it!  

It will be interesting to hear your opinion on the issues she identifies, so please do leave a comment after the post.  Here’s what Kristine had to say about her deal, her books, and about the writing process.  

“Since I first announced that I had a book deal, I’ve found myself being asked for advice more and more often.

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Will Printed Books Disappear? Stephen King On The Future Of The Traditional Paper Book

Stephen King - header

The book industry was rocked to its foundations last month when Tim Waterstone, founder of UK bookstore chain Waterstones, predicted the end of the eBook revolution in the UK.  According to ‘The Telegraph’ he insists that the eBook is a declining fad, and that traditional printed paper books are not only as strong as ever, but are here to stay.

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